Our History

Kuchi Jogoo brand started in the farm. After several years of work to expand the farms and increase farm output multiple times, market become a challenge. In some seasons, it become even difficult to recover the cost forcing to sell at a loss.

This triggered a new thinking and research on the possible solution to address the market challenges. Quick research revealed a big number of farmers of all scales being affected small farmers affected most.

Further research reveals the brokers who do less work to be benefitting more that the farmers (producer) who does the majority and dirty work. These blockers in same areas of crops are known as Kangomba.

We believed and we still believe that us being part of small farmers, we understands better the pain we all go through together and we’re in a good position to work towards reducing the number of players in the value chain, especially those who don’t add value like kangomba.

Our approach

We decided to focus on grains value chain end to end. We are working with small farmers directly as well as farmer’s groups in villages to guarantee market on their produce. We help farmers to improve their yield, quality and act as a partner in marketing their produce.

We believe in fair play between the actors in the value/supply chain, so our goal is to ensure proportional benefit among the players. This is the vision, we’re not there yet, but working with all stakeholders towards the goal.





We consider ourselves as large-scale farmer specializing in agricultural commodities such as Maize, Soya, sorghum, millet and other Grains as well as Animal farms for cattle, goat, sheep, poultry, etc.
We work with small and medium farmers directly and through farmer’s groups to find sustainable markets for the grains. In this regards, we engage with big markets, e.g. brewing companies, exporting, etc.
We produce final consumer agricultural goods for wholesale and Retail markets. It ranges from Grain flour, e.g. sifted maize flour (SEMBE), DONA, animal meat (beef, chicken), animal feeds, etc.